Alerts FAQ

What are TrendSpottr Alerts?

TrendSpottr Alerts are real-time email updates of emerging news, trends and events that have exceptional velocity and viral potential.

Create a TrendSpottr Alert by entering a search query you wish to monitor for real-time trending activity. Search queries can include keywords, topics, hashtags, phrases, @names, $stocks and more. You will receive an email notification the instant TrendSpottr detects exceptional trending signals for one of your search queries.

TrendSpottr Alerts serve as a predictive early warning system for brands, PR agencies, enterprises, governments, financial traders and market researchers. By providing real-time notifications of emerging trends that will grow in importance, reach and impact over the next few hours and days, TrendSpottr Alerts will get you ahead of the curve and prepare you for impending crises and opportunities.

What do TrendSpottr Alerts look like?

  1. Alert content. Headline and summary of alert, including the source of the content (e.g.,
  2. Alert level and Analytics. Alerts are classified into three levels: elevated, high and extreme. The level of the alert is determined by its velocity and predicted growth, with red being the highest.
  3. Social sharing buttons. Easily share and publish the alert to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn directly from your email.
  4. Sentiment. Overall sentiment for the alert is displayed as Positive, Neutral or Negative. Additional sentiment analysis is included on the analytics page.
  5. Manage Alerts. View, add, edit or unsubscribe from alerts.

How often will I receive a TrendSpottr Alert?

It depends. You will receive an alert when TrendSpottr detects unusual or exceptional trending activity for your search query. TrendSpottr's service continuously monitors your search query for trending velocity and virality. When a news story, event or video breaks through certain thresholds and has high predictive viral potential, TrendSpottr will send out an alert. In some instances, you may receive several alerts per day. In other instances, you may not receive an alert for a day or two.

How are TrendSpottr Alerts different from Google Alerts?

Google Alerts are emails sent by Google when Google finds new results for your search queries. TrendSpottr Alerts are real-time emails sent by TrendSpottr when TrendSpottr detects exceptional trending activity for your search queries. While Google sends new content, TrendSpottr only sends important trending content that has high viral potential and market impact.

Another key difference is that TrendSpottr Alerts include relevance ranking. Unlike Google Alerts which simply include links to articles without any apparent ranking or relevance filtering, TrendSpottr Alerts are ranked into three categories (Elevated, High, Extreme) based on their viral intensity and predicted growth.

TrendSpottr Alerts also include advanced analytics and visualizations, including real-time tweet volume and sentiment analysis.

How do I manage my Alerts?

Once you register or log-in to your account, you'll be able to review all of your TrendSpottr Alerts, including information about the status of your alerts and the last time an alert notification was sent. You may edit your alerts by choosing to pause or delete any active alerts and can also view additional information about your alerts.

Is TrendSpottr Alerts a free service?

TrendSpottr Alerts is a freemium service. The free version allows users to select one alert from a list of our most popular alerts. Users can also purchase one of our subscription plans to create and manage custom alerts.